all that's best
of dark and bright
meet in her aspect
and her eyes.


full name
dob & age
Choi Jinri
Sulli, Ssul, Ddullie
21, march 29
Kappa Delta
Design and Visual Communications
Art Club, Drama Club, Yonsei Campus Radio

Jinri has always been a weak child; born to a pastry chef and a baker, she was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA) and Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) just a day after she was born. Her parents, who had two perfectly healthy sons before her, were at a loss of what to do, and fearing for her life when they were told of the risks and possible consequences of undergoing surgery, postponed the operation. It wasn't until she was 21 months old when her parents decided to have her undergo Open Heart Surgery; it was a harsh winter night for the family, though all their prayers were answered, as after four grueling hours that felt like a lifetime to her parents, they received the news that the surgery was successful, and the next day, despite some pain, Jinri was already sitting up, a bright smile to offer her family. Her father then gave her the nickname Sulli — sul meaning snow, and li meaning a pear flower, to signify that she was reborn "as a flower that is small but full of strong vitality".

Being the only daughter in her family, she was spoiled and pampered, cared for and protected by not only her parents but by her brothers, though she never once took it for granted, spending a lot of her time helping out in their family-owned bakery (which, at her young age, consisted of greeting and welcoming customers with a big smile and helping clean up the place). She was growing up to be a beautiful, bright young lady - earning the (unwanted) attention of boys and the animosity of some girls, to the extent that at a church retreat, two older girls who she didn't know pushed her head into the water, refusing to let her get up until they were spotted by adults. It left her with hydrophobia, a fear of being called pretty, and terrible memories. But it did not succeed in dampening her spirit, especially not after she had finally found something she could call her passion.

Jinri was three when she first picked up a pencil; like many other kids her age, she was enamored by the things she could create with the stroke of a pen. She had the wildest of imaginations, dreaming up castles in the sky, monsters who came out in the dark to raid fridges, and all of these she tried to put on paper, to give others a window into her mind. Her parents had encouraged her creativity, putting up her drawings on the fridge and even around their bakery, and the praise she'd gotten kept her wanting to do more. She dabbled in other forms of art as well - painting, design, photography, mixed media, even the performance arts, attending numerous competitions and bringing home awards for her family. When words failed, she turned to art; when her spirit felt crushed, she took to pencils and watercolors and paper. She lived and breathed art - she turned to it in times of joy and times of trouble, offering her both escape and comfort.

Though she'd wanted to stay in Busan with her family after she graduated high school, her parents had encouraged her to attend Yonsei University, where her uncle worked as a Literature professor and where her parents knew that she would be offered greater opportunities to advance and hone her skills. It was difficult for her, being so close to her family, but she complied to her parents' wishes and applied and was accepted into the university as a Design and Visual Communications major, believing that it would help her grow as an artist capable of conveying ideas and messages to a wide audience.

She had her doubts about Greek life, hearing rumors that weren't all too pleasing about the ones at the university, but she'd decided to at least attend the rush parties at the advice of her uncle; the only ones she'd managed to stay for most of it was Kappa Delta and Sigma Kappa (the ZTA and DPE parties were too much for her - too much drinking, too much loud noises, too much wild antics that she didn't think she could keep up with). Although Sigma Kappa was lovely, she felt the most relaxed at Kappa Delta; she found a home away from home, with girls who made her feel protected, and pledging to the sorority was a decision she ended up not regretting.
  • Aries sun, Scorpio moon, Cancer rising. ISFP ("The Adventurer").
  • For the most part, Jinri is positive, cheerful, and optimistic, and will try to seek out the bright side in most situations, having been taught by her mother to hold on to the belief that whatever bad things happen before her is merely a stepping stone to a good or learning experience.
  • However, she can also have a bit of a temper and flares up, mostly when someone insults her friends or does/says something that's full of bullshit. She's not confrontational though, and more often than not keeps her feelings to herself.
  • She is sensitive, emotional, and takes things to heart, and it doesn't take a lot to make her cry.
  • The type to suppress or bottle up her feelings - which isn't very good, since her suppressed feelings can explode when kept too long.
  • Can be goofy, friendly, and outgoing.
  • Introspective and intuitive; she keeps a visual diary to record her thoughts and ideas.
  • Rather eccentric if not a little weird, and has her moments of being 'four-dimensional'.
  • Despite growing up in a family of mostly boys, her interests remain, for the most part, rather feminine, though she too can be quite gruff and somewhat masculine.
  • Stubborn and stands firm in her own beliefs.
  • fathersefsfg

  • Aquarius sun, Libra moon, Cancer rising. INTJ ("The Architect").
  • Courtesy styled The Honourable Elizabeth Gower-Alton. Her father's family's ancestral seat is in Staffordshire.
  • Attended Marlborough College through sixth form. Studied classics at Wadham College, Oxford; eventually achieved an Upper Second degree despite taking time off (primarily for stage work that required her to be in London).
  • Represented by United Agents in the UK, and CAA in the United States.
  • Naturally blonde, but has dyed her hair darker for several lengths of time during her career.
  • Speaks conversational French, Italian, and German. Can read Latin and elementary Greek.
  • Christened on July 2, 1982, into the Church of England. Considers herself more spiritual and faithful than specifically religious at this point in her life.
  • Very keen sportswoman; danced ballet until the age of 12, played field hockey through secondary school, is an active runner, and took up boxing in 2013 as part of her preparation for Gone Girl. Supports Aston Villa.
  • Traveled around Europe as a child as a result of her father's stations around the continent. Learned basic sailing skills from him and still tries to go sailing whenever it is convenient.
  • Ambassador for the Prince's Trust.
  • Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 2015.
  • Storylines

    etc journal: visualizing
    aim: appear dreamlike
    twitter: ssulliest

    aim and threading. will tag match, but prefer doing third person paragraph. backstory plotting as well as organic is fine!
  • Has two older brothers and one younger brother, whom she spoils and loves to death.
  • Has hydrophobia (fear of the water), and she's only recently started going to the beach again - mostly to take pictures, rather than swimming or doing water activities.
  • Also has ornithophobia (fear of birds) and thinks birds are gross.
  • "When in doubt, draw it out".
  • Her hobbies include baking a mean batch of cookies, knitting, and doing her nails.
  • Thinks that guys her age are obnoxious and thus most of her ideal men are two-dimensional or older than her.
  • Has only been in two short-lived relationships, and as such she believes that she hasn't yet had her first love.
  • Most of her knowledge of love and relationships comes from other people's experiences and from having read dozens of shoujo manga.
  • Not very fond of big parties but still makes it a point to show her face in KD's ones or the joint BCT-KD parties.
  • Hates exercising and would rather stay indoors drawing, reading old classics or shoujo manga, or watching anime.
  • One of her childhood goals was to become a manga/manhwa artist, and she has drawn/written some unpublished one shots.
  • Always has to have music on whenever she's working, and loves making playlists for every mood and situation. Her musical taste ranges from Regina Spektor to Zion.T.
  • A DJ on Yonsei Campus Radio; she hosts "Rise and Shine" every Monday and Thursday morning from 6:30 to 8:00AM and "Chill Out Tuesdays" on Tuesdays 4-6PM.
  • Looks up to her KD unnies and is protective of them in her own way.
  • Helps out as much as she can at her family's bakery whenever she's at home.
  • Enjoys taking pictures of the sky and her surroundings for reference.
  • Loves animated movies, especially those of Studio Ghibli. She's also a big fan of Disney and Pixar.